Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most common used practice in treating mental health disorders. Davis Institute practices CBT with clients that are affected with maladaptive emotional and behavioral problems. CBT help clients to reshape their thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behavioral experiences from irrational to rational.

During CBT sessions, our trained licensed therapist will help you with irrational thoughts that cause negative emotional and behavioral consequences. Treatment focuses on the ABCD model to help you to modify your irrational thoughts, beliefs, to restructure and improve emotional distress and dysfunctional behavior.  The ABCD model is central to CBT practice.

  • A is the attitude of the person, event or trigger.
  • B is the belief that the person holds in relation to the event or trigger; also it is referred to as thoughts.
  • C is the emotional and behavioral consequences.
  • D teaches you how to challenge your irrational thoughts and beliefs resulting in new and more positive emotional and behavioral outcomes.

To summarize this theory, CBT helps you to develop new and effective ways of replacing negative thoughts with appropriate ones. In successfully doing this, you create new feelings. Instead of feeling depressed, sad or anxious, you begin to feel content and happy. By practicing CBT methods daily it will help you change disturbed thoughts, emotions and behaviors for the rest of your life.

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