IMG_5318-78Individual Counseling – $45.00/45-minute session

Individual counseling is a one-on-one 45-minute email or voice chat session with a caring, understanding, empathic professional licensed psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or mental health counselor.

Individual counseling primary goals of treatment are to enhance and encourage motivation for clients to look at their problem or situation, accept it, make change, improve functioning and learn new coping and problem solving skills to live a more happier and fulfilling life. Individual counseling is delivered within the framework of structured, secured, ethical and effective practice. Our therapists/counselors incorporate several counseling approaches, including motivational, spiritual, person-centered, psychotherapy and psychoeducation based on need.

Couples/Marriage Counseling  – $80.00/45 minute session

Our trained licensed therapists/counselors provide couples/marriage counseling to couples for 45-minute email or voice chat sessions that are having relationship problems, who are faced with dissatisfaction by inadequate behavior and would like to improve their communication skills, problem-solving skills and would like to increase positive behavior and interactions for martial or couple satisfaction. The couples/marriage counseling services draws on supportive counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy traditions in psychotherapy with individuals or couples. Our counselors/therapists goals are to help cognitive restructuring during counseling and to help address personal and emotional processes that impact relationship dynamics.

This online approach to couples/marriage counseling allows therapeutic exploration and intervention without the constraints of traditional office therapy. It can be done in the comfort of your home, office or on the road.

The goal of couples/marriage counseling is to:

  • Help couples/spouses to become more aware of the dynamics in their relationship.
  • Help clients to examine their participations in the relationship and to consider new ways of participating in the relationship.
  • Examine emotions and to understand the origin and function of their emotional states.
  • Help clients meet their goal of relationship renewal.

Special Counseling Offer – $100.00/Unlimited email sessions for 5 days

An affordable weekly email counseling available 24 hours 5 days a week. This special offer is an alternative to traditional counseling/therapy in the privacy of your home, office or on the road.

It is affordable. You save in travel expenses, child care and time. It is available to use at anytime of the day. When you feel the need to talk you simple email the therapist or counselor just simply email with unlimited messaging. Davis Institute special offers provides unlimited email correspondence with a professional therapist.

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  • 100% Buyer Protection

Our fees are the lowest on-line counseling and mental health therapy services on the web that will help you to live emotionally, socially and happier lives.

The first session is FREE. After the first session, you will be prompt to choose the type of services that you are interested in receiving, and then indicate the type of payment and request to schedule an appointment. Your session must be paid in full prior to your online counseling session.