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When I first met Dr. Davis, I was going through a lot and I didn’t know how to handle it. Dr. Davis has shown me how to calm myself down with breathing exercises, how to think positive, how to clear my mind and relax with meditation techniques.  She has also taught me how important it is to keep my head up and stay strong.




Sometimes just having someone to talk to helps the most.
Sometimes just having someone to talk to helps the most.

When I first started coming to group mental health counseling, I thought it wasn’t going to be for me because many people I know go to counseling and come out the same way. I thought they just needed someone to talk to because they don’t talk to the people at home or in their communities. Once I stepped foot into Dr. Davis’s counseling group, I was hearing of people’s issues and how it messed up their lives. I was sitting there staying to myself “wow this is not for me”. When Dr. Davis came to me I had nothing to talk about.

When the first group counseling session ended and I was walking home I thought to myself, “hmmm….if I keep going, I’ll get to hear what else the group members are going to say.” So, the next time I went the group session the topic was learning coping skills. They were learning how to cope with their issues.  “Coping….really.” I thought. “Coping with what?” In retrospect, I was not really paying attention what everyone was saying until that day. I sat attentively and realized that many of them were suffering a lot and did not know how to handle their problems.

I started opening up and talking about family problems and myself. I also shared how I want to make change in my life and learn how to cope with them. Dr. Davis and her group counseling helped me so much. I have learned how to balance my life, to live with homeostasis. I learned how change negative energy and make it positive with my thoughts. I believe that Dr. Davis help people through her counseling skills; people who need it and are willing to channel themselves to change to live happier lives.

Michelle Barnes

Hi, my name is Michelle Barnes

I would like to begin by telling you about myself. When I was 10 through 14 years of age, I was molested, raped, and physically abused from an adult friend of my family. I was going through a lot of physical and psychological pain. I have been suffering mentally, physically, and spiritual for over 30 years.

One morning, someone knocked on my door from a community social service agency to talk about post hurricane sandy counseling. I was a victim of hurricane sandy in New York City.  At the time I was feeling depressed because I had witnessed the storm, and it caused me recurrent flashbacks and feelings of irritability. The community representatives gave me a paper with Dr. Davis name on it. The next day I went to meet her. We sat down in her office and I told her my story and started crying.  Dr. Davis told me this is the place to release it. She said that crying releases the soul. It was such a relief for me and my soul. Counseling with Dr. Davis is a good thing for me now. Dr. Davis counseled me and told me that I need to help myself to get better. Dr. Davis told me that my thoughts control my emotions and behaviors. At first, I did not understand what she meant. But going to counseling sessions with her weekly helped me to understand my thoughts and how they can harm me.

Dr. Davis told me that I needed to forgive the person who molested, raped and physically abused me.  She also taught me that my reactions to the events that I had experienced in my past were inappropriate and that they cause my belief caused my emotional consequence. There were a few times when Dr. Davis had given me a homework assignment to make a conscious decision to forgive my abuser and to dispute the beliefs that I had about my devastating childhood. So, I started forgiving the people who raped me and I was released from the bad dreams that I suffered from childhood. I forgave my sister who hurt me, it is now in God’s hands. When I learned to utilize my thoughts in a positive manner, things started to get better for my family and me.

I would love to thank Dr. Davis for all what she has done for me. She has helped me end my life of depression and anxiety. I will never stop going to her for counseling. Dr. Davis is a good teacher and counselor. She started a mental health group-counseling program. I now feel as though I have a new family. The group had also helped me with the things that I was going through.

Dr. Davis is the biggest part of my life now. I can go to her and talk to her about anything. I feel safe with her. She is an understanding and caring professional. Dr. Davis is a good person for obtaining counseling. She helped me to dispute my irrational beliefs with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helped me to change my distorted thinking and emotions. Dr. Davis understands me and what I am going through. Dr. Davis helped me to restructure my cognitions, emotions and behaviors. Dr. Davis needs to be in every community. Dr. Davis is the best.

With all my love,
Michelle Barnes

It has been my pleasure to know Dr. Diane Davis. I met Dr. Davis over 20 years ago when I first moved from North Carolina to New York City with my three-year-old daughter and my seven-year-old son. My husband and I had just separated and I had returned to New York as a single mother with no education, very low self-confidence, and barely with financial support. This is when I met Dr. Davis, my daughter was just beginning Head Start program and she was beginning her own non for-profit social service agency. I remember being very intrigued with what she wanted to accomplish in the community. She spoke so highly about how children needed structured programs and how preventive measures would lead to progressiveness. I volunteered in her organization for more than 5 years and I realize how rewarding helping children could be, not only to the children I helped, but to my own children and more important to my own self-development.

I spend many days and hours receiving counseling from Dr. Davis, about my childhood, adolescence and even my young adulthood experiences. She always allowed me to explore my own thoughts and be my own person. Her guidance and empathy helped me to explore positive goals that I wanted to accomplish. She allowed me to explore my fears, and help me overcome them. She helped rebuild my confidence and assisted me with making changes in my life. I am truly grateful that Dr. Davis. She has been a part of my life and the lives of my children’s. Her unique way she uses her techniques, wholesomeness, and genuineness allows you the comfort and confidence in the security to explore the options of getting better. It gave me hope.

I have referred to Dr. Diane Davis as a tree trunk with multiple branches, because she has had an amazing ability of helping others, and building them and help them become progressive people. I know because I am one of them. Dr. Davis encouragement allowed me the ability to explore who and what I wanted to accomplish in my life. I have had many accomplishments over the years. I raised two wonderful children as a single mother in a low-income community by myself and my children are well adjusted, respectful and successful. I have obtained my GED, Associates Degree, I have graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s Degree in education (cum laude) and I am one semester away from obtaining my Master’s Degree!

Dr. Diane Davis is one amazing counselor, individual and woman who believes that every person has the ability to change their thoughts to change their lives and together we can make a difference. Dr. Davis believes in progress, development and hope for the future. She understands that people make mistakes and that we have the capability of making change so that we can be productive people to ourselves, to our families, and to society as a whole. She changed my life for the better… maybe she can change yours too.

Lisa Lugo

Daneen Lancaster

Dr. Davis helped me a lot in my past and in my present. I have been through hell because of all the bad things that has happened to me. I was bullied all my life and now as a young adult I struggle with a mental disorder and what I am going to do with my life. I struggle with hopelessness. I constantly think about ending my life, but after going through therapy with Dr. Davis I now have a reason to live. When I was in middle school my mother took me to Dr. Davis office for therapy because I wanted to end my life and I isolated myself from everyone. I was thinking about killing a classmate. Dr. Davis taught me about adolescent stage, peer pressure, community environment, meditation techniques and how thoughts control emotions and behaviors. This taught me how to feel un-depressed. I did well for a couple of years then I felt depressed again. I could not find Dr. Davis for years. She was no longer working in the community. Then one day I saw her coming out of an office and I ran over to her and said, “Are you providing therapy and that I need you very badly.” Right on the spot, she scheduled an appointment with me. Since I began therapy again with Dr. Davis, I have stop thinking about my past. I am a positive thinker with happy emotions. Dr. Davis is helping me to move along to live a happier life. If it wasn’t for Dr. Davis I would not know how to think positive, build my self-esteem and I would have never met my future husband. I am now living a psychological happier life.

Thank you Dr. Davis.
Daneen Lancaster

She uses a variety of counseling techniques, with concentration in cognitive behavioral therapy.

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